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. Occulture is defined as the blending of the occult and culture, and that serves as an apt description of this section of A Feast; discussion of art, aesthetic and magickal, although if you separate those terms in your mind you're behind the 8 ball (or need one) already...

Here you will find

  • Ritual & Magickal Instruction and Analysis
  • A Record of Rituals and Results
  • Recieved and Original Rituals
  • so mote it be written this is also a placeholder text and thwe only one that doesnt really apply to what i’m taking about except that i’m writing a lot which you should do when you write about magick it makes people think you dun done...

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    An area for a discussion of all things Thelema; Thelemic Culture, Organizations, Texts, Lifestyle, The Book of the Law, Stars, Love, Nuit, Hadit, and Ra Hoor Khuit.